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Damon Salvatore.
Who else?

“You can have a very intense relationship with fictional characters because they are in your own head.” — J.K. Rowling (via writingquotes)


harry potter minimalist cover series: the prisoner of askaban

You suffered a great loss, you’re not the same person.


There is nothing wrong with a woman’s naked body.

There is nothing wrong with a woman having photos of her body.

There is nothing wrong with a woman taking these photos for someone to see. (Consensually)

There is SO MUCH wrong with someone obtaining these photos ILLEGALLY from somewhere that was PRIVATE, and putting them out for the world to see.

There is also SO MUCH wrong with sharing these photos and getting your fucking hormones riled up over someone being VIOLATED and probably FUCKING TRAUMATISED.

It doesn’t fucking matter who the person in the photo is. Just because they are on tv does NOT mean you are entitled to see any more of them than you are anyone else.

You are fucking disgusting for leaking these photos, and you are fucking disgusting if you’re sharing them. End of story.

If I had to kill a cartoon figure, it’d probably be like, who’s that, like… yeah Road Runner! I feel like I always wanted to kill Road Runner when I was little and I just couldn’t. He always just got away. Other that or the Three Little Pigs. And how? Oh God, um, just with bow and arrow.